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Monday 3rd September:
Office re-opens 9.30am
Friday 19th October:
Office closed for 1 week
Monday 29th October:
Office re-opens 9.30am
Friday 21st December:
Office closes for Christmas holidays
Monday 7th January: Office opens
Friday 8th February : Office closed for 1 week
Monday 18th February: Office re-opens 9.30am
Thursday 20th March:
Office closes for Easter holidays
Monday 7th April:
Office re-opens 9.30am
Friday 23rd May:
Office closed for 1 week
Monday 2nd June:
Office re-opens 9.30am
Tuesday 22nd July:
Office closes for Summer holidays

Did you know that as part of our services we offer presentations to Schools they can be:
1 day/2 days
Inset meetings
Tailor made to specific requirements
Follow up meetings

Would your School be interested? (Presentations £90)
Contact us

Helpline: 0121 643 3737
11.30 - 1.00 Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday term time only. During holidays please contact the number above and leave a message.
Can't get through? email us and we will respond within 12 hours during term time

View Bulletin Board answers available 24/7

Email: Dyslexia

Dyslexia Association of Birmingham
Room 21 - 22 Carrs Lane Centre
Carrs Lane
Birmingham B4 7SX

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