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What we Do

Screening and Assessments
Drop in Service

We provide support to young people, Parents/Carers, Teachers and Professionals with an interest in dyslexia. This can be offered via our:

Helpline - 0121 643 3737. For those wanting advice or making their first contact with someone who knows about dyslexia. The line is open Monday to Thursday 10.00a.m. - 1.00pm, however if you leave a message at any other time we will return the call as soon as possible.
Website - www.da-bham.org. This provides a wealth of information and as a member (which you can become via this site) you will gain access to the forum and even more information.
We endeavour to answer emails within 12 hours during term time.
Membership - Newsletters and magazines with all the latest updates and information plus so much more. Individual membership £15 per year £10 per year (if you are in receipt of benefits) Professional membership £20 per year.
Presentations - These are offered as a Tailor made package to suit your specific requirements and promotes a deeper understanding of Dyslexia and its positive attributes. The cost is £90 and bookings can be made via 0121 633 9553

Screening and Assessments - A list of Assessors, Educational Psychologists and Qualified Tutors is available on request.

The Association also offers a basic screening which is only to identify dyslexic tendancies and if the results are positive a further full assessment is advised. The cost is £50, which includes membership if assessed as having dyslexic tendancies. If the results are negative options are then discussed. To book an appointment please contact us.

Tuition - An up to date list of tutors is available for private tuition
Drop in Services - This is open to young people with dyslexia, their Parents/Carers and other interested professionals who would like to receive support and/or guidance concerning dyslexia. Please contact us.

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11.30 - 1.00 Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday term time only. During holidays please contact the number above and leave a message..
Can't get through? email us and we will respond within 12 hours during term time |

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